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Sand blasting:
The glass surface becomes a mat finish with a blasting, either the whole surface or only a part of it. To protect the parts of the surface, which should not get a mat finish, we work with adhesive films. The adhesive films will be put on the surface you want to give a mat finish to. Then you copy the motives and pull off the parts of the adhesive film from the glass surface you want to give a mat finish to.

Adhesive technique always means putting pieces of glass together, either next to each other or on top of each other.


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This new method of glass design enables designing through melting flat glasses together. The characteristics of the design of the different motives and ornaments are the soft lines and edges. This happens through melting various glass pieces together at 840°C. A second burning at 740° enables you to create glass plates and glass bowls.

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Lead glazing:
Here you cut glass into pieces, based on a design template. After cutting the glass, the pieces will get a further processing if wanted (i.e. sand blasting, glueing, painting or fusing), then you put them together with lead rods to solder them.

One can use one technique alone or a combination of the various techniques, which gives one an extension of design possibilities.

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